Should I listen to experts?

Should I listen to experts?

Who do you turn to for advice and which advice do you take?  A simple enough question but does your head ever rule your heart and are your decisions evidence based?  Do you ever doubt experts based on who they are seen to be representing and can you ever get truly independent advice?  Are you confused by controversy between scientific experts on issues such as GM, Climate Change, Food Security, Diet and Health and MMR?  How does the peer review process in science work and is it robust?

At a recent public event, we explored these and other aspects of decision making with “experts” in risk perception, gardening and peer review.

Dr Gary Barker of the Institute of Food Research explored our gut instincts, expert judgements, and everything inbetween.

Bob Flowerdew, BBC Radio 4′s Gardener’s Question Time and author of numerous books on practical gardening explained how to avoid going down the wrong garden path

Andrew Sugden, Deputy Editor & International Managing Editor of the journal Science gave an overview of peer review in the scientific publishing.

The Friends of JIC was launched early in 2003 and provides an opportunity for those members of the community with a real interest in the history, work and future of the JIC, and plant and microbial science in general, to gain an insight into cutting edge science.

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