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Investment in cereal genomics to breed better varieties

Two new research projects announced today (21 December) aim to make an important contribution to global efforts to breed improved cereal crops. The projects hope to shed further light on the genomes of wheat and barley, the two most widely grown cereal crops in the UK. Researchers hope that this will provide breeders with the [...]

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Legumes give nitrogen-supplying bacteria special access pass

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.

A 120-year debate on how nitrogen-fixing bacteria are able to breach the cell walls of legumes has been settled. A paper to be published on Monday 19th December by John Innes Centre scientists reports that plants themselves allow bacteria in. Once inside the right cells, these bacteria take nitrogen from the air and supply it [...]

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Recognition for early career scientist

Dr Cristobal Uauy of the John Innes Centre has been awarded the “Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award” 2011 for Biology for his work in the research area of wheat genetics. The Bayer Foundation presents the Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award to talented young scientists in the early stages of their academic careers. The [...]

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Chinese Academy of Sciences visit

As part of the growing relationship between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the John Innes Centre, Professor Dale Sanders was honoured to host a visit by Professor Jiaying Li, Vice President of CAS. Professor Li lead a delegation from CAS who toured the site and met with prominent scientists. Earlier in the year Prof. Li [...]

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New light on medicinal benefits of plants

Scientists are about to make publicly available all the data they have so far on the genetic blueprint of medicinal plants and what beneficial properties are encoded by the genes identified. The release of the resources follows a $6 million initiative to study how plant genes contribute to producing various chemical compounds, some of which [...]

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Chocks away as entrepreneurial students launch business

PhD students Stuart King and Simon Lloyd, who won the UEA Eureka Business Plan competition, have returned from an internship at Hotel Chocolat’s base in St Lucia with a greater perspective on the world of business. They are now developing their business idea, based around protecting crops from disease. The prize also included start-up support, [...]

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